9 Beliefs That Will (Eventually, Probably) Lead Your Gymnast to Quit (or at Least be Very Unhappy)



sad gymnast

It has been said life is equal parts what happens to us and how we process what happens to us.

I think that is very true in gymnastics. The attitudes and beliefs that a gymnast has about herself and the sport will inevitably shape how long she participates, or at least how happy she is while she is involved.

Here are nine beliefs that inevitably lead to a less than stellar gymnastics experience:

  1. I must be perfect. While pursing excellence is a worthy goal, perfectionism takes that pursuit and couples it with hypercritical self-evaluation and an unhealthy concern with the opinion of others. Perfectionists will either give up if they feel that they are not capable of achieving their goals least they risk failure and embarrassment. Or, perfectionists will toil causing them to fall into a depression if they do not reach a goal or deprive them happiness even if…

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